Frequently Asked Question
Is it legal to download ROMs from you?
That really depends upon the laws in your country and we are unable to provide you with any legal advice. With that in mind, as a rule of thumb, if you own the game, you are allow to have a backup copy of the game. A ROM file is just that. It is a complete dump of the entire game into on file, which is then playable by emulators. We suggest you DO NOT download ROMs of which you do not legally own or of which you are not sure can be legally downloaded. It is possible that some games have been opened up for public downloading and are no longer copyrighted, but you will need to do your research on this one. Some people believe it is ethically fine to download ROMs for games of which are no longer in production or being sold; as this does not hinder or take away from the programmer or corporation. We suggest doing an internet search or talking to a lawyer to find out the specific laws in your country.